Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WebWork 2 to Struts 2 Migration Note

1. web.xml
Update FilterDispatcher, ActionContextCleanupFilter and SitemeshFilter to use Struts

2. JAR libs
Remove webwork-2.2.5.jar, xwork-1.2.2.jar, xwork-tiger-1.2.2.jar
Use struts2-core-2.0.9.jar, xwork-2.0.4.jar, struts-sitemesh-plugin-2.0.9.jar and struts-spring-plugin-2.0.9.jar. Note that the extensions are separated into different plugin jars.

3. xml Config files
Rename xwork.xml to struts.xml, xwork-agent.xml to struts-agent.xml, xwork-audit.xml to struts-audit.xml, etc.
in the config files, change some occurences of 'xwork' to 'struts' and change DOCTYPE to use struts-2.0.dtd

4. property files
Rename to and change all occurences of 'webwork' to 'struts' in the property file
multipart parser set to jakarta which replaces com.opensymphony.webwork.dispatcher.multipart.CosMultiPartRequest
change ui templateDir to admin/themes/struts

Note that the conversion property file is still called

***NOTE that in, set struts.i18n.encoding=UTF-8, otherwise it will cause problem in working with dojo contentPane. By default, struts will use charset CP1252 encoding for windows server and UTF-8 encoding charset for Linux.

5. validatiors.xml
Change all com.opensymphony.xwork to com.opensymphony.xwork2, and the DOCTYPE must be defined to avoid SAXParser exception. It is allowed for webwork though.

6. Action classes
Imported package name: com.opensymphony.xwork change to com.opensymphony.xwork2 and com.opensymphony.webwork change to org.apache.struts2
Class Configuration is changed to DefaultSettings. It seems that Struts 2 provides better support in custom property config setting
AroundInterceptor is removed from xwork2, use MethodFilterInterceptor instead.

7. On all FreeMarker ftl pages
Rename webwork tag prefix @ww. to @s.

8. FreeMarkerManager, ActionSupport API
Change OgnlValueStack type to ValueStack in parameter list.

9. FileUpload
The random generated file names such as xxx.tmp is used and the files are stored in a upload folder on the server when we upload the files. So the features such as install cartridge, script agent builder are broken because they will get the random generated file name instead by calling File.getName() or File.getAbsolutePath(). To obtain the original file name, MultiPartRequestWrapper provides a method getFileNames() method, and for FileUploadInterceptor, the file name is injected.

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